Sign the petition, tell your friends

The Great Santa Cruz Trail is gathering signatures and endorsements via a petition. The petition will be presented to the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commision (RTC).

Please join us in signing the petition. Then ask your friends to join you by sending them an email. There’s no better way to get people involved than to contact them directly.

We’ve created the below template to help you create an email:

Subject: Santa Cruz's World-Class Trail! Please sign the petition

Help get a world-class trail in Santa Cruz now!

Please join me and sign this petition:

You can read about The Great Santa Cruz Trail here:


You can click here to quickly create the email. (Note that the link may not work with all email clients.)

P.S. Don't forget to use BCC to send to your friends. Using BCC will prevent the recipients from seeing each other in the email. Send TO yourself, and BCC everyone else.