Our Vision: A World-Class Trail, Without Rails, for Santa Cruz County

Our trail is a ribbon of land, a linear park, which showcases the greatness of Santa Cruz County. Truly magnificent, it emerges from the fields of Watsonville, traversing along the California Coastline, weaving through miles of vibrant neighborhoods, ultimately reaching the historic town of Davenport.   The diversity of the terrain unfolds along the way—simple and dramatic.  Its grandeur is best seen from the many historical trestles that span the County’s rivers, valleys and ocean cliffs.

Our trail honors pedestrians, bicyclists, e-bikes, pedicabs and alternative modes of transit that bring it to life. Without tracks, it has ample space for parallel lanes of asphalt and gravel. Runners, hikers, bicyclists, parents, grandparents, and the disabled share its right-of-way without concern for noise, barriers, tracks or traffic.

Our trail provides lights at night along the thickly-wooded and tree-laden sections while fostering a quiet atmosphere near homes and neighborhoods. It includes underpasses or overpasses at busy cross streets. Commuters can safely leave their cars at home and off congested Highway 1, Mission Avenue, and dangerous surface streets. Our trail protects our precious ecosystem, preserving trees, wildlife habitats, and our clean air. It celebrates our parks, linking wetland trails in Watsonville to state beaches to the Wilder Ranch cliffs.

Our trail attracts tourists to enjoy the serenity and beauty we enjoy every day. They will be met with dedicated parking facilities, which are close-by, with ADA compliant resources and clean restrooms. Local coffee shops, bike shops and restaurants pamper them.

Our trail makes us proud to live in Santa Cruz County. It captures the spirit of the county, is a reflection of us, and what makes our county unique. It’s for us, who live here, to use and enjoy, every day. It’s part of our lives, inviting us to be outdoors, to be active and healthy.

Our trail is built NOW. It improves mobility and brings economic benefits to the community through tourism and low-cost alternative commuting for locals.

We love our vision of a world-class trail.  Help us to make it a reality.  Join us.