“Rail line will be too expensive with no benefit”

We think this letter to the Santa Cruz Sentinel nails it:

Bruce Sawhill, a promoter of the plan to provide passenger rail service on the narrow rail line between Santa Cruz and Watsonville, has added another letter hyping this nonsensical boondoggle. The arguments against spending money to provide this passenger rail service are overwhelming.
Costs will be enormous (far greater than the disingenuous representations by the SCRTC) and more intellectually honestly estimated at near a billion dollars.
The service will not persuade drivers to abandon their cars because people will know that for this situation the hassle of getting to a train station, slow travel to another station and the final inconvenience of getting where they actually want to go will be too burdensome/slow.
The bottom line: passenger rail on this line would be enormously expensive, not significantly reduce the debilitating bottleneck on Highway 1, not credibly reduce emissions or improve energy efficiency or create any benefit except for adding employees to the public payroll.
— Bill Selvidge, Santa Cruz