See that trail on the left? That's a 20-foot wide separated trail designed for transportation. The setback (distance to train tracks) is over 20 feet. What about the trail on the right? That one is about 10-feet wide, with no separation, and was designed for recreational use. The setback is around 10 feet and it runs adjacent to a tourist train.

At first blush, the two trails seem very similar, and that's the problem. Unfortunately, our corridor is too narrow to keep the train tracks and build the trail on the left. Instead, we've unwittingly been sold a recreational trail and most folks have no idea.

The rail-trail debate would be over if we could build the trail on the left, but we can't. Call us crazy, but we truly believe that this trail, if done properly, would change lives. It's the type of infrastructure the create a new way of life, making our community more walkable, sustainable, and healthy. Join us in saying: "Give Trail a Chance".