Trail Now supports a YES vote on the 2016 Transportation Measure D (TRIP)

Trail Now supports a YES vote on the Tax Measure D as prudent investments in our transportation infrastructure are needed. The RTC’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TRIP) provides a balanced spending plan for improving current and future transportation in our County.

We are pleased that the RTC has agreed that all options for the best use of the corridor will be examined in an open and transparent public process.

We will continue to advocate for the prompt use of the Santa Cruz County rail corridor to improve mobility across the county. We believe the best use is a continuous, bidirectional pathway for active transportation (bikes, e-bikes, and other human-powered transportation) with a separate path for pedestrians.

Why We Support Trail Only for the Santa Cruz Rail Corridor

  • Immediate Impact on Mobility:  As a key transportation corridor through the county, the use of the rail corridor as a trail can move more people sooner than any other mobility solution.

  • Affordable for our Community:  Apart from environmental, noise, safety and traffic concerns, a train simply costs too much for the ridership it delivers and prevents the use of the corridor as a trail from Santa Cruz Boardwalk to Manresa Beach. 

  • World Class Community Asset for Generations to Come:  Since a train is neither affordable nor practical, let’s join other communities nationwide that have already replaced their rails with trails. We have an opportunity to do something really special for future generations. Let’s get it right.