The RTC wants to spend $68M for a track without a train

The Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission proposes spending $68M on a non-existent train. The Transportation Improvement Plan (TRIP) is a 1/2 cent sales tax proposed for the November 2016 ballot. Trail Now strongly supports public transportation and TRIP helps to fund such transportation, but TRIP budgets $68M of the funds for “Rail Line Investments.”

What are “Rail Line Investments”? We can’t be sure but the RTC does say “No new rail service is included.” In other words, no train is included with the $68M.

The following chart from the November 19, 2015 RTC Agenda gives us a good idea of how the funds will be spent:

All that money and still no passenger train for at least 10 years!

If you think this would be money down the drain (we certainly do), tell the RTC to remove funding for the train from the 2016 Tax Measure.