Letter to RTC

Mass transportation can be a wonderful thing, but only if it is designed and implemented correctly. I support TRAIL NOW, an organization that is promoting using our existing rail corridor for a trail, without a train. The corridor is simply not suited for efficient rail transportation. It’s not correctly positioned geographically. The corridor could be used to build a pedestrian and bike trail that we can be proud of—a trail that our kids can enjoy, a trail designed and used by the disabled and our Senior citizens. A trail that connects our neighborhoods, not separates them. A world-class trail from Watsonville to Santa Cruz. I respectfully ask you to halt the passenger train idea. I respectfully ask you to build a trail. Now.

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We are aware that the “Letter to RTC” is not functioning properly with certain web browsers and are working on a fix. In the meantime, you can find the contact information for your local RTC Commissioner by clicking here. Feel free to copy and paste the verbiage above into your own email and let your Commissioner know how you feel!