If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. The following is a collection of various videos meant to educate and inspire the public on our corridor and the proposed rail trail. More videos can be found on our YouTube channel by clicking here. 

Inspirational video about one of the first rail trails ever built and the profound effect it had on the community. Once completed, more people used the trail than ever used the train.                                     

If you still think the corridor is wide enough for the proposed trail AND train, then you have to watch this video. It’s a long one (7 mins). So get some popcorn, sit down, and enjoy the show...

A video educating the community of Santa Cruz County of the option for a trail without rail and a request for citizens to voice their opinions and request more information from the SCCRTC before proceeding with a passenger rail plan.

In this video, we detail problems with the current rail-with-trail plan, and how it falls short of something that could truly be exceptional.

This video includes a cost benefit analysis and considers if the train is economically viable. The analysis compares two different scenarios from the Rail Feasibility Study.

This is the first video in a three part series that discusses obstacles to railbanking. In this video, we discuss the $11.0 million that was used to purchase the rail line.

This is the third and final video in a three part series on railbanking. The video discusses approval for abandonment with the Surface Transportation Board (STB).

Most folks don’t realize the trains and trees don't mix well. This video goes over the vegetation in our corridor and why it would need to be removed to make way for the train.

This is the second video in the three part series on railbanking. This video talks about the current common carrier and their 10-year lease on the corridor.

This the first video we did on the width of the corridor and challenges with building a trail next to the train tracks.