Our Mission

“Educate the Community and Convert the Santa Cruz Coastal Corridor into a World-Class Trail.”

The current rail-with-trail plan design was created under the false pretense that a train had to be part of the corridor. However, this is not the case. The corridor is simply not suited for efficient rail transportation, nor is it correctly positioned geographically to host a successful passenger train. This property could produce one of the greatest and most beautiful pedestrian trails in our nation, and that’s exactly what Trail Now intends to do. Join us!!

Who is Trail Now

Trail Now is a grass roots organization made up of individuals that want to do right by our community. We are students, doctors, professionals, and people just like you. At first blush, the notion of maximizing the use of our corridor with a trail and a train sounds like a noble effort. However, it’s a complicated matter. Once the details are revealed, it is clear that the situation is ripe for conflict.

what does trail now do

First and foremost, we get the word out. Surprisingly, few people in our community are aware of the current plan for a rail-with-trail and proposed passenger rail service. If you’re reading this now, then mission accomplished. Take some time and view some of our videos, and be sure to follow us on Facebook!


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